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Hong Kong Dream Holidays

Hong Kong Dream Holidayshong kong For your first time to Hong Kong, here are suggestions for your itinerary. Since shopping is not a priority for me, the only shopping I paste it in the remaining time available. But the “must-see Hong Kong” has been covered entirely (5 days 4 nights) and if you have a better time you can combine it with 1 day tour to Shenzhen or Macau.

Day 1

apartemen hkI arrived in HK through Macau for HK is the second of a series of my vacation. Arrive late afternoon in HK Pier (about 4 am local time) directly to the lodging in Causeway Bay. You do not have to worry about, public transport so is easy, cheap and convenient. After check-in and bath, all looking for dinner you can stroll around Causeway Bay. Lots of shopping around Causeway Bay. Unfortunately the rain which flushed HK from since noon restrict our movements, ultimately was not until 8 pm we were back to apartment.

Day 2

ocean parkYou will spend the whole day to OCEAN PARK. This place is far-flung as Ancol Jakarta. You can use public transport to Ocean Park, get off at Admiralty MTR exit B then continued by bus service. 629. Arrive at Ocean Park, you can start browsing the Headland where many casual game from start up to a headache. Here also there to see the Ocean Theatre, note the schedule of performances and try to come early to get seats for the strategic.

ocean parkAfter a day at Ocean Park, you can visit (all dinners) at Jumbo Restaurant. From Ocean Park, you are forced to use a Taxi. If you do not want to come here, you can again use the bus to the Admiralty MTR. If you have not tired, from here you can go to the Temple Night Bazzaar or to the Ladies Market. Spend your time shopping here, although some people (including me) are not so interested because the goods sold here are not too special, unless you want to buy t-shirts or other souvenirs bearing the HK. If it is just a souvenir in every place there must tour the stores that provide souvenirs. You can shop there if like me, do not provide a special time for shopping.

Day 3

the peakAfter breakfast, you are preparing to The Peak, one of the “must see” in HK. Depart by using the MTR, get off at Admiralty continued to walk to The Peak Tram Terminus approximately 15 minutes. Besides using the Peak Tram, you can also use the bus to reach The Peak. Travel by using the Peak Tram is unique because, Tram will continue to climb towards the Peak until the slope of 65 degrees! Arrive at The Peak, you can enjoy views of Hong Kong. If you want more content, please visit The Peak at night because someone said that The Peak is better visited at night. But it’s all up to you, my consideration if the night would only see the lights alone and anyway that’s my cold-resistant baseball. All to The Peak, do not miss to visit Madame Tussauds Museum. You can meet and take pictures with your idol: D Once satisfied the photos, had lunch at one of the existing restaurant and re-using the Peak Tram.

ngong pingUp in Admiralty MTR, your next trip is to Ngong Ping to enjoy the view from the Cable Car crossing to Lantau Island. Simply buy Two-way Standard Cabin, you will arrive at the Ngong Ping Village to the photographs. From Ngong Ping Village seen Big Buddha, but we missed it because to get there is still quite far away. From Ngong Ping Village, you are using the Cable Car back, back again to the MTR Tung Chung to continue the journey. There are two choices: You can go to Sky Plaza at HKIA or back toward the HK Island. avenue of starDisneyland, although near the Ngong Ping is not included in the option because unfortunately if it is a new afternoon visiting Disney (pay expensive) so it should prepare the time of the morning / afternoon. Finally the choice fell a to-2 that is back to HK Island and stopped at Sham Sui Po. As Harco / Mangga Dua Jakarta that sells gadgets, here in HK is the place. Before returning to the inn, do not forget to see the symphony of light in TST which began at 20.00. In the vicinity of TST You can also visit the Clock Tower and the Avenue of Stars.

Day 4

disneylandThe event today is to visit Disneyland and so you should not redundant at late hours and 13 had already left. In the morning you can walk around Causeway Bay, Victoria Park, or try to ride Tram. Or shop at the stores along the Causeway Bay. The average new store began to open at 11 noon. After lunch you can go straight to Disneyland. Just try all the games that exist because of the entry ticket costs around HKD 350. Play till you drop, do not forget to watch the parade on the hours of 16:00 and the Golden Mickey’s also pretty to watch. Home after the fireworks show which starts at 20:00 to 19:30 for the Weekdays or weekends.

Day 5

turbojetIf you come back from HK, then the rest of your time today hanging at your departure. If time was not much, just come to the airport early so you can take a walk earlier in the Sky Plaza. You can also choose to go home via Macau (I prefer this approach). Around 10 am you went to HK Pier. Get off at Sheung Wan MTR, buy tickets Turbo Jet. The trip to Macau is just 55 minutes you will arrive at the Macau Ferry Terminal. Here are many free shuttle bus to the hotel. If your hotel does not have a shuttle bus, you just ride alone owned by shuttle bus-star hotels which also has a casino, free. Apart from Macau, you can also visit Shenzen but you have to prepare or take care of visa Visa On Arrival. The owner of the apartment where I stay can provide a 1 day package tour to Shenzhen from HK.