How To Order

After you specify your departure date, please select one of the ways of booking a plane ticket / hotel / apartment as follows:

  • Send e-mail to Helen; or
  • Send an SMS or phone to one of our number; or
  • Communicate directly with one of us who are online


To book a plane ticket:

  • Check the price for the dates and airline of your choice.
  • If you have agreed a price we offer, bookings by notifying passengers name and telephone number, no ID card or passport for international flights and dates of birth (required for a particular airline).
  • Make a payment before the deadline (time limit). If the deadline has passed and you do not make a payment then your order will be automatically canceled by the system. Except for AirAsia and Citilink booking process but not through direct Issued.
  • Once we receive your payment, ticket will be issued and delivered to you via e-mail or Fax. Make sure you tell your fax number or e-mail address is correct and still valid. You also can choose how to receive ticket booking code you have paid via SMS when you want it. This method is more practical because it can minimize the risk of a ticket is lost or left behind at home. In this way, you only need to show the code book along with your identity Airlines counter at the airport to be able to print your ticket.

To book a hotel / apartment:

  • Check the price for the hotel of your choice or check availability for the apartment. If you agree with the price of hotels that we offer or if the apartment of your choice is available then you are welcome to transfer the deposit for 1 night as a mark so.
  • Once we receive your payment we will send you a voucher or confirmed hotel booking for the apartment, you can simply print it and show it when you check in..


Payment ticket / voucher hotel / apartment can be done by way of transfer to the account as follows:

  • BCA Account Number. 108 118 7393 a / n Helen Magdalene
  • BNI No. 000 433 2668 a / n Helen Magdalene

If you are still unclear or have any questions please contact HERE